Every day guide to keeping calm_UK


Your everyday guide to keeping calm

Work-life balance, finding time to exercise, running around after the kids, keeping on top of chores – and squeezing in a social life with family and friends…we all have full and busy lives. Needless to say the pressure of fitting it all in and staying organised can lead to stress  which long-term, can impact on our health.Five Stress Busting Tips1.	THE END GOAL ISN’T THE BE ALL AND END ALLAccomplishing what you’re trying to achieve will often take much time, energy and endurance. So instead of letting yourself feel as though your task is too much, set yourself manageable mini-goals along the way, each with their own reward. Giving yourself consistent positive feedback will help you grow patience, stay encouraged and find more joy in the journey of accomplishing taxing tasks.  2.	BREAK THE CYCLE Moving the focus away from on whatever is causing you to feel stressed can often help you revaluate its importance . FaceTime a friend, play with a pet or cook your favourite meal are great ways to distract yourself. Then when you come back to the task in hand, the solution may seem clearer.  3.	BE ON YOU’RE ‘A’ GAME Anticipating stressful situations can help you manage your reaction to it. For example, the inevitable exam time or a morning meeting with your boss. When deciding how to manage any given scenario, it helps to think of the four A’s: avoid, alter, adapt or accept.   4.	FREE YOUR MIND Take time to cleanse your mind of the stressors in everyday life . A moment of meditation, stargazing into the night sky or simply walking the dog in the  quiet countryside can slow down the pace and help you unwind and relax. 5.	SAVOUR SLEEP A well-rested body is more resistant to stress  and getting our recommended 8 hours each night is crucial to feeling cool, calm and collected. Master the art of unwinding before bed and, just as with children, get into a well-rehearsed bedtime routine to help you let go of the trouble of the day.