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Christmas gifts…with a difference

Unique Christmas gift inspiration to bring health and happiness to the festive season

With the Christmas countdown on, the rush begins to find the perfect Christmas gifts for family and friends. There can be a lot of pressure to find a thoughtful and meaningful present for your loved ones, especially when you’re lost for inspiration and bored of the same old stocking fillers…but fear not! This year, we’re providing ideas for Christmas gifts with a difference, to make a positive impact with your presents.

This year, rather than further adding to the indulgence of the festive season with sweet treats or a boozy hamper – what about giving a gift that will improve health and wellbeing? According to Marketplace, the global wellness industry is worth a whopping $3.7 trillion, as spending on everything from yoga classes to spa trips continues to rise.

With so many fantastic options out there from relaxing getaways to health and fitness trackers, we give inspiration for four top gift ideas to improve both health and happiness this Christmas!

A trip to the spa

The perfect day out for you and your partner

Man and woman lying down on massage beds

At the end of a busy year, a spa day can be a welcome opportunity to switch off, unwind and feel pampered. According to Mintel, in 2017 Brits spent £7.6 billion on treatments and it’s not just women who enjoy spa days – the same study showed almost half (47%) of young men have had a treatment in a spa, salon or other treatment area in the past 12 months.

The beauty and relaxation benefits of a spa trip are well-recognised, but perhaps what is less well known are the potential health benefits. Massage can help stimulate blood flow, helping muscles to recover from intense exercise as well as soothing the symptoms of joint conditions such as arthritis. In addition to aiding joints and muscles, spas can even help to lower blood pressure. A study by the University of Eastern Finland has shown that steam-filled rooms help to dilate blood vessels which can be linked to lower blood pressure, as well as reduced stress.

Heritage Membership

A great gift for making family memories

man walks through sand dunes on a beach towards a castle

According to a study conducted by English Heritage, visiting historic sites and being involved in heritage can have a positive impact on our happiness and wellbeing. This is particularly true if you have a personal connection to a historic site: a scientific study by The National Trust showed that when people were shown pictures of places with strong personal ties, the area of the brain associated with emotional responses was fired up.

This Christmas, why not treat your loved one to an annual membership to a heritage organisation? Not only does this have the potential to create positive emotional experiences but it will also encourage them to get outside and exploring at the weekends – which could have benefits for their physical health too.

Yoga retreat

A gift for mum that she deserves…

tropical open yoga studio place with people and a view outside to the ocean while sunset

Another activity which generates positive outcomes for both physical and mental health is yoga. Yoga has been shown to move people from their sympathetic nervous system to their parasympathetic nervous system, most simply explained: from flight-or-flight to rest-and-digest. This not only lowers stress levels by helping people to feel more relaxed but it also can have a positive impact on cardio-vascular health and blood pressure. Platforms such as Book Retreat (dubbed the air bnb of yoga retreats) make finding the perfect getaway easier than ever before, so why not treat your loved one to a healthy getaway this Christmas?

Health trackers

The perfect gift for him this Christmas

Man measures his blood pressure using the Braun iCheck®7 on his left wrist whilst sitting at a table

With consumer spending on fitness and sport on the rise and people becoming more health conscious than ever before, there is increased demand to measure everything from steps walked to calories burned.

By tracking important data, such as our blood pressure, we can all help gain a picture of our overall health and wellbeing. Braun’s next generation of blood pressure monitors, the iCheck® 7 and ActivScan™ 9 clearly display blood pressure readings and sync effortlessly with the Braun Healthy Heart app to track progress over time. The app allows input of lifestyle factors like diet, exercise, stress and sleep, which helps the users have a picture of their overall health and see the impact of these factors on their blood pressure.

With a healthy heart being the best measure of overall health, a blood pressure monitor is a perfect unique gift this Christmas, having a positive impact on health and wellbeing all year round!