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Shopping for your new baby: what you really need

The baby skincare essentials from our resident midwife Christina Altman

For most pregnant women, shopping for their baby is a hugely enjoyable and exciting time. It can also be slightly overwhelming. From baby clothing to accessories, you will find yourself poring over shelves and shelves of brightly-coloured products tailored for babies, debating what essentials you really need most when baby arrives. It can be hard to know where to start, especially when it comes to baby skincare products for your new arrival’s sensitive skin.

Keep to natural products

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Clinical studies1 have shown that baby skin is a lot thinner than the skin of an adult, which means that the babies need a period of adaptation to the new environment after birth.

Babies are protected by a natural acid layer, which shields the body against the entry of toxins, pathogens and harmful substances. Therefore, it is important not to disturb this delicate balance.

The bathing myth

Newborn is bathed by mother in baby bath

You may find yourself looking back nostalgically to your own childhood when you were bathed once a day. However, today, the scientific consensus2 is that it is best for the skin if babies are bathed twice a week and flannels are avoided. Bath water should be lukewarm and babies should only be bathed with a mild baby cleansing product.

Rashes and fevers

Mother changing her baby's nappy on a white towelled surface

An important part of looking after your baby is to ensure that your child stays dry at all times to prevent inflammation or fungal infections – this is particularly important when changing nappies. Pimples, sores and inflammation can be very uncomfortable for newborn babies, so make sure you dry their skin completely before popping on a new nappy.

Infection can be identified by a high temperature, so it’s important that you monitor this regularly. During nappy changes is an easy and convenient time to do so, simply use one of Braun’s easy to use thermometers once a day to keep an eye on your baby’s normal temperature, helping you to spot quickly when they are unwell.

Quality over quantity

Mother changing her baby's nappy on a white towelled surface

Even if the colourful products may seem seductive, the most important thing when it comes to baby skincare is to use a selection of trusted branded products, rather than testing all the options on the market.

If you ensure the products are as natural as possible, based on natural oils, you cannot go far wrong. With these simple essentials and a thermometer to put your mind at ease, you and your baby are in safe hands.

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