Salt on a wooden table in the shape of a heart with a cross made from a fork and spoon on top to highlight that you should limit your salt intake as part of a blood pressure diet


Low salt swaps to enhance your blood pressure diet

Advice to limit your salt intake and low salt swaps to improve your blood pressure

With as many as 7 million people in the UK living with undiagnosed high blood pressure, it’s important to know your readings and take positive steps to reduce your blood pressure to a normal level. Small changes can have a significant impact so rather than a full lifestyle overhaul, why not start with making small tweaks to your diet and building from there.

Many foods have hidden nasties, such as high salt content so try these easy low salt swaps to kick start your blood pressure diet today.

1. Season with reason

Before you reach for the salt, taste your food to determine if it needs extra flavour. Also, why not consider a salt swap? Try adding fresh or dried herbs and spices – like rosemary, basil and hot peppers.

Bunches of herbs on a blue wooden table

2. The pop swap

Crisps have been a long-standing snack of choice for Brits, but in the past five years popcorn has been growing in popularity. This is good news for your blood pressure diet as a standard pack of salted crisps contains more than seven times as much salt than a comparative serving of unsalted popcorn. It’s time to make the pop swap.

A bowl of unsalted popcorn on a table as part of a blood pressure diet

3. Freshen up

Canned food is notoriously high in salt, including vegetables. So when you’re making a fresh bolognaise or chilli add fresh tomatoes instead of tinned.

Three fresh tomatoes on a wooden table

4. Dress to impress

Eating lots of fruit and vegetables is important as part of a healthy, balanced diet but be careful when reaching for readymade salad dressings with high hidden salt content. There are lots of quick and easy dressings you can make at home, such as this no salt vinaigrette.

Homemade, salt-free vinaigrette salad dressing in a bowl with ingredients in the background

5. Quit smoking

Smoked meat and fish, especially bacon, can be packed with large quantities of salt. An easy solution to avoiding this is to swap it for unsmoked products. Cured meats and fish can be high in salt, so try to eat these less often too.

Cured ham on a wooden board with an olive

Understanding what foods are high in salt and making lower salt substitutes can help maintain a healthy blood pressure diet to support a normal blood pressure and overall wellbeing.