Pink baby shower gift with white bow next to a pair of baby’s trainers surrounded by pastel coloured sweeties


Choosing the perfect baby shower gift

As the popularity of baby showers booms in the UK,
we’ve got the perfect baby shower gifts for both baby and mum-to-be

Baby showers are becoming increasingly popular amongst expectant mums and although the concept is considered to be a modern celebration inherited from America, the origins stem back to ancient times. As with other significant transitional events, such as coming of age and marriage, baby showers were hosted to make a new era in a woman’s life: motherhood.

Traditions vary from country to country, with different rituals and meanings but a recent UK survey of 3,000 women revealed that the main reason for throwing a baby shower was for the gifts! Whether you choose to buy a baby shower gift for the baby or for the mum-to-be, it can be hard to give something that they really need.

Read on for our top tips on choosing the perfect presents for parents-to-be and their impending arrivals.

For the little bundle of joy

Newborn baby lying in crib playing with mobile toy

New born babies see everything in black and white and have a very limited depth of vision. This is due to their limited eye development and nerve disorientation after the birth. They begin to see colour at around two months and their eyes continue to develop until they reach two years old.

If you are buying a toy as a baby shower gift, it’s worth keeping this in mind. When they reach a few weeks old, they will start to become intrigued by what’s going on around them and toys are a great way of supporting a newborn’s development. Opt for toys with simple and contrasting colours to support their eye development. Soft, cuddly toys are ideal for newborns, different textures help the baby to discover and develop their sense of touch.

For the mum-to-be

Woman’s hands creating a coupon book as the perfect baby shower gift for a new mum

When the baby arrives, the only gift mum will want is a good night’s sleep. Newborns can sleep up to 18 hours in a day but in small sleep cycles to allow for regular feeds. There is no set timeframe for how long it takes to get a newborn into a sleeping and feeding routine but consistency is key to developing good habits.

Mums are advised to put the baby’s routine first. By making the baby the number-one priority, it will help them to understand that certain things happen at particular times, such as sleep. This can mean that there is little time – or energy! – for a new mum to do other things.

Why not give the mum-to-be the gift of your time? Get crafty and make a coupon book full of activities and support you can offer once the baby has arrived. This can be a home-cooked meal, babysitting, housework, groceries or even walking the dog. A personal, priceless gift that all new mums will love.

For peace of mind

Mother kisses her baby’s head whilst both lie on white sheets

With over half of mums admitting that baby showers are a great time to exchange tips and advice with friends and family who already have children, choosing a practical baby shower gift could be the perfect present to help give them peace of mind when the baby arrives.

Two women opening gifts and enjoying a baby shower with balloons and cake

Most babies will naturally experience illnesses as it is the body’s way of building a stronger immune system so being able to take an accurate temperature reading will help in understanding when they are unwell and when to seek medical help and advice. Often new parents will only consider purchasing a thermometer once their baby has become ill, so by pre-empting this purchase could make an accurate, digital thermometer the perfect baby shower gift.

Braun offers a range of digital thermometers including the Braun ThermoScan® 7 ear thermometer with Age Precision® for age adjustable fever guidance to help easily interpret the result through a colour coded display. Additionally the Braun No touch + forehead thermometer offers a fast, gentle and easy way to take a baby’s temperate with little disturbance – something new mums will be most thankful for when baby is fast asleep!

Mother takes a newborn baby’s temperature using the Braun ThermoScan® 7 ear thermometer with Age Precision

There are so many options to choose from when looking for the perfect baby shower gift, but by understanding what new parents and newborn babies need, you’ll be able to find the perfect gift that mum and baby will love.