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Blood pressure monitoring: why it’s good for you

The benefits of regular monitoring

Almost two thirds of European adults (62%) have revealed that they monitor their weight and daily steps with at-home technology or an app. Yet, despite heart health being the number one measure of overall wellbeing, only one in five use health tracking devices to keep a regular check on their blood pressure*.

Optimum blood pressure is the sign of a healthy body, but checking it should not be a chore. With the release of Braun’s next-generation blood pressure monitors – Braun ActivScan 9 and Braun iCheck® 7 – keeping track of your blood pressure has just got easier. These devices allow you to understand your blood pressure to help you reach your healthy lifestyle goals.

Why should I monitor my blood pressure at home?

Dr Achim Max Brenske with his arms folded

Dr. Achim Max Brenske, physician and medical expert says, “Hypertension, or high blood pressure, can affect everyone. It doesn’t really show itself with symptoms, but if left untreated can increase the risk of serious health problems such as heart attacks and strokes. There are many health measures that we are already consistently tracking, yet blood pressure is a metric that is often not thought about but could be one of the most important. Making blood pressure monitoring part of your at-home health checks, with an easy to use wrist or arm monitor, can help to identify triggers and allow you to immediately make simple adjustments to significantly improve your health and wellbeing. It’s such as small change that really can make a big difference, and ultimately save your life.”

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Regular blood pressure monitoring can help identify triggers that may cause spikes in blood pressure. By keeping track and observing blood pressure levels will allow you to implement some simple lifestyle changes if necessary to get your blood pressure back in line. Braun’s new range of blood pressure monitors do just this – enabling people to connect their blood pressure monitors to their smartphone and through the user-friendly app, track trends and make active changes to improve their health.

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Eat well and get moving

According the survey, 68% believe being overweight to be one of the main contributing factors to high blood pressure, followed closely by lack of exercise (55%), smoking (54%), drinking alcohol (46%) and a bad diet (44%). The positive fact is that all these factors we have the ability to influence. Yet half of those questioned admitted they do not have a healthy lifestyle and know there is more they could do to improve their diet, lifestyle choices and exercise habits. Embarking on a new fitness and diet regime can be daunting – but it doesn’t have to be! By taking control of your blood pressure readings and seeing the impact small changes can make to your results, can be empowering and positive.

Faya Nilsson standing inside in exercise clothes against a grey background

TOP TIP from diet and fitness expert Faya Nilsson @FitnessOnToast:

“You can still enjoy your favourite foods as part of a balanced diet and making small lifestyle changes to simply increase your exercise and movement level, within your own abilities, will all help go towards improving your general health. Drink plenty of water each day, keeping the body optimally hydrated and the vascular system in tune and train – working out for 30 mins a day, four times a week is ideal for keeping blood pressure within normal levels.”

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Sweet dreams: the role of sleep in having a healthy heart

With almost half of Brits revealing that they don’t regularly get a good night’s sleep, what are the reasons we are tossing and turning throughout the night? According to the research, relationships, financial worries, work/life balance and health concerns top the list as the main contributors. Stressing about these factors impacts sleep patterns, which in turn can raise blood pressure.

Nick Littlehales headshot

TOP TIP from sleep expert, Nick Littlehales:

“Rest and recovery are crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and maintaining heart health. Adopt a pre- and post-sleep routine. By deep breathing, stretching or yoga and reducing your exposure to blue light and encouraging the release of melatonin, your body becomes suppressed and ready for sleep. Having strenuous activity before bed will mean cortisol is still heightened, keeping you awake. These small steps can have a positive impact on your sleep, which in turn can positively impact your heart health and blood pressure.”
By using the Braun Healthy Heart app, you can easily see how your blood pressure fluctuates in line with these small changes in routines, which can help you take positive steps to make your lifestyle more healthy.

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Mood changer

Stress can often have the biggest impact on our lives with almost two thirds of adults admitting they experience a relatively high level of stress. Stress not only impacts our mood, but also can cause a rise in blood pressure levels. By taking regular blood pressure readings, we can see what situations and lifestyle choices increase stress levels and in turn negatively impact our blood pressure. By identifying these triggers and learning how to manage stress through small and positive steps can have a positive impact on your mood and in turn your heart health.

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TOP TIP from Meik Wiking, CEO of the Happiness Research Institute:

“We often try and pack too much into our daily or weekly schedule so it’s important to know when to draw the line so you feel more in control. Be realistic when you are making your to do lists, which may require you to consider your priorities and make difficult choices. By taking control and freeing up your time, you could see a real difference in improving your stress levels and in turn positively impacting your blood pressure.”

Most cases of high blood pressure can be addressed and reduced and small changes really can make a big difference. Knowing what increases your blood pressure through regular monitoring is the first step to making long-lasting changes that will improve your overall health. With Braun’s range of next generation blood pressure monitors available, along with our easy-to-use Healthy Heart app, it is easier than ever to understand your blood pressure readings and create a positive lifestyle for you and your heart.

*Research of 3,000 adults across Europe conducted by 3GEM Research and Insights on behalf of Braun, 2018